translation mailing november 2018

As an entrepreneur you are increasingly expected when you deliver a car. Whether that is a new one or an occasion, the customer expects a thank you from you for the trust in the company and the car brand. After all, the knife cuts both ways: customer happy, entrepreneur happy and that should be celebrated.

Usually this happens with flowers or a bottle of wine. But after a while the flowers are wilted, the wine is gone and it is business as usual again.

But what if you now give a safety package or emergency kit with every delivery of a car as a gift? This allows you to work your company name or car brand for years on the retina of your customer. We have been working for years for a large number of car brands such as Peugeot, Nissan, Citroën and Renault and we produce the now familiar safety bag, emergency kit or delivery bag. We do this at any desired level, in large numbers but also in small quantities.

Already from 100 pieces we will work for you with a beautiful personified print on the safety bag